Food poisoning typically brought on by foods or water contaminated by bacteria, often from some stomach virus. Typically Food poisoning symptoms to eating foods which are contaminated by micro organism or typically viruses transferred to mouth by arms. In case your baby has food poison some symptoms may appear inside 24-48 hours of eating or drinking. Food poisoning often lasts one or two day, however in some extreme cases it might lasts for weeks. In this article we are going to discuss on food poisoning symptoms and the technique to get rid of it. Keep studying the article until the end.

Symptoms of food poisoning:
· Vomiting

· Diarrhea
· Fussiness

· Fever
· Physique aches

· Chills
· Nausea

· Stomach cramping
· Weakness

Food poisoning reasons in your baby:
Food poisoning generally attributable to bacteria through unpasteurized milk or contaminated water

E.Coli is the commonest bacteria triggered meals poison by contaminated water. Many of the baby’s diarrhea brought on by E.Coli.

Salmonella can switch by poultry and meat, raw milk and dairy merchandise and trigger food poisoning. It may develop fever, pores and skin rash and diarrhea additionally.

Norovirus, also referred to as calicivirus can assault your baby’s stomach and trigger food poisoning. Out of the blue severe vomiting occurs 24-48 hours after the contact with the virus.

Another bacteria called Clostridium botulinum trigger food poisoning. Via it’s rare, but it surely can cause extreme downside to your child together with respiratory paralysis.

Treatment of Food poisoning:
‘Prevention is better than cure’- this is most probably fits food poisoning. Always keep your child safe from the sources of micro organism. If food poisoning happens, don’t be panic. Most of them are gone often inside two days. Simply provide your baby regular foods and try to stop diarrhea by using dwelling elements. If something critical, consult with a pediatrician.

When should I name a doctor?
Should you see the below signs, consult with doctor as quickly as potential:

· Blood in the stool
· Fever in excessive temperature

· dehydration symptoms, resembling decreased urination or extreme thirst,
· Extreme stomach ache or complications

· A swollen, hardened stomach
· Vomiting blood

· Food poisoning greater than three days
Please don’t be late to consult with a doctor. Food poisoning could be a critical issue if deal with in a improper method.